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CIC Speakers Hall of Fame

Listed below are some of the past speakers of CIC
breakfast fellowship gathering


Colleen Abdoulah
President ,Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman of The Board, WOW! Internet-Cable-Phone

Danny Abromivitz
- Former NFL great and coach

Jeff Allen - Comedian, who's comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.

Ted Baehr- Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission; see his web site at

Stephen Baldwin
-Actor, Radio Talk Show Host

Steve Bartkowski
-Former Pro NFL quarterback, Atlanta Falcons

Ron Bell
-Founder Dunk the Vote

Bob Briner
- Pro tennis promoter

Bob Buford
- Chairman of Leadership Network, author of Halftime and Game Plan, and founder of FaithWorks

David Cerrullo
- President and CEO of Inspiration Networks

Mr. Rich Christiano
- Film Writer, Director, Producer (Click for bio and current film projects)

Senator Jim DeMint
- Senator from S.C.

Peter Engle
- TV Producer

Danny Fontana
- TV Host

John Gordy
- NFL Great

Biff Gore

AC Green
-NBA's Iron Man

MC Hammer
- Rap artist and actor

Dr. John Hastings
- Sales Manager for C-Cor Electronics

Don Hodel
- Former Secretary of Energy and the Interior

Congressman Duncan Hunter

Victoria Jackson

Mark Joseph
- Founder of the Renaissance Group

Michael Kiselak
- WFL, NFL player, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Click for bio)

Christian Kocherscheidt
Employed by Athletes in Action as the Project Director for the Soccer World Cup Project KickOff 2006

Colonel Nimrod McNair
- Chairman of a leadership foundation promoting ethics in business

Michael Medved
- Film critic and author

Bo Mitchell
- President & Co-Founder, Teammates for Kids foundation and Chaplain of the Denver Nuggets basketball team

Bob Muzikowski
- Founder of Cabrini-Green Little League, Chicago, IL

Michael Ortman
VP/Programming for the Atlantic Division of Comcast

Dr. Larry Poland
- Founder of Master Media

Matthew Polka
- President & CEO, American Cable Association

Mr. Mel Renfro
- NFL Great, Founder - Mel Renfro Foundation (Click for bio & Foundation links)

Squire Rushnell
- CEO of Goodlife TV Network

Bill Shreffler
- Broadstripe President and CEO.

Gil Stricklin
- Founder, President and CEO, MarketPlace Ministries

George Taweel
- TV Producer

Fred Travalena
- a variety performer, a television star, actor of many films, a singer and songwriter/lyricist and Entertainer who's name will go down in history as ONE OF THE BEST.

Phil Vischer
- Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer; Big Idea, Creator of Veggie Tails stories and songs

Carl Vogel
- CEO, Charter Communications

Michael Warren
- TV Producer

Sharon Wilson
- Past executive vice president of TCI

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